WE MOVED! New location at I-96 and Exit 59!  

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Trierweiler Kiln Dried Lumber is a small business that is nestled between Grand Rapids and Lansing, a few miles north of the charming town of Clarksville, MI. We have been raised to appreciate small town business and the personability that comes with it. In striving to keep that atmosphere, we work hard to provide you with honest, friendly, professional service. 

Our operation includes two wood kilns, the vacupress 1000 (vacuum kiln) and the Dehumidifcation kiln (DH kiln). We use these kilns to dry the lumber that we sell. They are also used to custom dry lumber for our customers, too. Travis Trierweiler operates these kilns and is able to schedule availability for you, as well.



*Vacupress 1000 uses a vacuum to dry wood quickly                 * DH kiln uses dehumidification to dry wood.

and safely.